Day-to-day, we as humans struggle and strive to keep busy, to make money, to progress and move forward. It’s no wonder that we’re all so anxious, as there’s little time to just breathe and embrace life.

Personally, I have been struggling with the mundane, with the daily sameness of a job that makes money, but is deeply lacking in creativity and energy. It’s strange that such a slow-moving gig can be so draining on the mind and even the body.

Recently, I have taken up oil painting at home in whatever “free” time that I can spare, which while working 60+ hours every week is little to none. However, the few moments I’ve stolen with said paints has been truly liberating.

I won’t claim that I’m any kind of painter, at least not yet, but studying the colors and learning from YouTube videos how to create shapes from these colors fascinates me to no end.

All of this to say that creativity, especially in adulthood is overwhelmingly underrated. It is a kind of personal therapy that everyone should discover and take advantage of, at each opportunity.

Life is too short and precious to merely be whittled away in what my boyfriend calls “wage slavery.” Seek happiness, not just money, in the day-to-day and it all becomes less of a endless grind.